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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a Local Business Tax Receipt?
10/1-3/31 $30.00

Renewal Penalties
Oct -
Nov -
Dec -
Jan -
$37.50 Maximum Fee $37.50

Is this Local Business Tax Receipt good in any other county?
This Local Business Tax Receipt is only valid for Osceola county, also if your business is located within the city limits of Kissimmee or St Cloud you will also need a city license. You can contact St Cloud at
407-957-7300 or Kissimmee at 407-518-2120.

Do I need a Fictitious name?
You can use your FULL name as the business or your FULL name and an extension (i.e. John
Doe Enterprises) and won’t need to register your name with the state. However, if you choose to
use first, last , initials or anything else besides your full name, you will need to register with the
state at www.sunbiz.org (Any corporations can be registered at this site as well). If you choose to
register a fictitious name, we will need either the certificate of the fictitious name or your articles
of corporation.

Do I need a Local Business Tax Receipt to sell at the flea market, work from home or run an internet base business?
Per Osceola county ordinance 95-10, all businesses must register with the Local Business Tax Receipt Department.

Can I sell items on the roadside/sidewalks?
Roadside vending is not allowed in Osceola county, for more information please contact the
Zoning department at

What if I bought a business which already has a valid Local Business Tax Receipt?
You must still apply for your own Local Business Tax Receipt in your name, we must see a bill of sale and the change of ownership of the business name through www.sunbiz.org (Unless the name of the business changes) and if required we must see any state licenses in your name as well. We also need a lease in the new owners name.

What if I no longer use my Local Business Tax Receipt, can I just not renew?
You must either fill out our Out of Business form or write a letter requesting to close your
Local Business Tax Receipt. This also applies to businesses no longer doing business in Osceola county.

How do I get an FEID # or Sales tax # ?
For an FEID # you can contact the IRS at
1-800-829-1040 or for forms 1-800-829-3676.
For a sales tax ID contact the Florida Department of Revenue at
407-475-1200 or

How long does the process take before I get a Local Business Tax Receipt?
It can take up to two weeks depending on the situation, any application that it is in the Osceola
county must be approved by Zoning and Environmental departments before we can issue a
Local Business Tax Receipt.

Types of Businesses that must meet certain requirements:
Handyman/Drywall/Carpentry/Framing and Residential Pool cleaning:
application needs to be brought to the building department first for approval, the application
needs to be signed and stamped by building. The building department is located at 1 Courthouse
Square Ste 1400. Residential pool cleaning requires the CPO 16 hrs training class, please contact
the Environmental Health Department at

Door or Window Installation/Hurricane shutters:
This requires a state contracting license for more information, please contact the Building
department at

Requires a copy of Florida Bar association, please contact

Real Estate Sales/Broker:
Need Division of Real Estate, please contact

Catering Service/Restaurant:
Requires a Division of Hotel & Restaurant License, please contact

Convenience Store:
Requires a Food Permit, please contact the Department of Agriculture at

Motor Vehicle Repair and Travel Agency:
Please contact the Department of Agriculture at
850-488-2221 or www.doacs.state.fl.us .

Car Dealers:
Requires a dealer’s license from the Division of Motor Vehicle, please contact

Banks/Cashing Stores/ Mortgages:
Requires Department of Banking & Finance, please contact
850-410-9895 or www.dbf.state.fl.us

Please contact the Department of Children & Family at

Medical Professionals/Massage Therapy:
Requires license for Department of Health, please contact the Division of Medical Quality
Assurance at
850-488-0595 or www.doh.state.fl.us .

Cosmetologist/Beauty Salon/Barber/Tanning Salon or Fitness Centers:
Please contact


Important Contacts:

Bullet arrow “IRS” Internal Revenue Service- 1-800-829-1040 or www.irs.gov/
Bullet arrow Workers Comp - 407-835-4407 or5850-413-1610
Bullet arrow City of Kissimmee - 407-518-2120
Bullet arrow City of St. Cloud - 407-957-7300
Bullet arrow Environmental Health Department - 407-742-8605
Bullet arrow Building Department - 407-742-0200
Bullet arrow Zoning Department - 407-742-0200
Bullet arrow Department of Business & Professional Regulation - 850-487-1395 or www.myfloridalicence.com/dbpr/
Bullet arrow U S Small Business Administration - 1-800-634-0245 or www.sba.gov/
Bullet arrow Department of Revenue - 407-903-7350 or www.myflorida.com/dor


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